Working North Norfolk, An Artist's Story

Jane Hodgson Publication Date: October 2013

Working North Norfolk, An Artist's Story. A beautiful book about the an artist's paintings of musselers, oyster fishermen, reed-cutters, bait diggers, crab and lobster fishermen from along the North Norfolk Coast.

Norfolk artist Jane Hodgson follows and paints on location, musselers, oyster fishermen, crab & lobster fishermen and reed-cutters along the North Norfolk coast. Over the years Jane has learned about the the people she paints and the dramatic landscape they work in.
Working North Norfolk is Jane’s first book, it is a stunning collection of her landscape and figurative paintings from years of pounding North Norfolk’s beaches, reedbeds and marshes. Jane’s informative and sometimes hilarious text describes the making of the painting, from painting in snowstorms to losing her easel in a hoolie. She also includes stories and anecdotes about the people she paints and how they work.
This book is a must for anyone interested in North Norfolk rural industry, landscape and lives.

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Working North Norfolk, An Artist's Story, Jane Hodgson
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